2008年12月30日 星期二

張筱琳 Hsiao-lin Chang

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錢超群 (C.C.Chien)

Tunghai Bio-10 Reunion at Galapagos
Aug 5-17, 2008 by C. Chien 敦之

Forty years after our graduation from college and one hundred seventy three years after Charles Darwin set foot on these volcanic islands, Galapagos, we as students of biology tried to follow his footsteps to understand how these places inspired him to propose the evolution theory and explain the diversity of species by nature selection.

To visit Galapagos as a biologist is somewhat similar to the Christian and Moslems make a pilgrimage to their Holy Land. After months of preparation through the effort of Labbish and Hsiaolin, only six classmates and their families made the trip. I know that Hsiaolin encountered some difficulties because of last minute cancellation. However, to my surprise, three out of the 6 schoolmates who came were my roommates. How exciting can that be! Actually the make of the ship passengers is quite unusual. Half of the 32 passengers are from physics, the other half are from biology. In between we have a group of four that is chemistry related. These groups are also coming from different parts of the US Continent. This makes a wonderful combination. Age wise, the physics group is the most senior group. The biology is the most junior group. The hysics
group is also the most well equipped group. They not only brought the video and telescope camera, they also dressed in an ultraviolet sun light protected space suit. I am delighted that someone will be sure to take the most fantastic pictures for us.

The M/V Evolution is a medium sized boat which I believe it is converted from a Korean fishing boat. The captain of the boat informed us that it is from a Japanese fishing boat. But, it is easy to still find traces of character left on the boat from those two Asian countries. I am grateful that Chien’s family is able to make the last minute change with the Yau’s family for the cabin, so my family can stay closer together. Sailing through the Archipelagos, the size of this boat makes it an ideal transportation from island to island and also makes it easier to get on the pangas ride. However, in the open sea, it is still a bit of rocky. Most of my family members and other passengers begin to feel the sea sickness especially when we sailed to Genovesa. I was thinking what it would be like on the Beagle; especially after outing on the sun scorched lava rocks. The salty air is mixed with the intense foul smell of the feces from the Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas.
Without drifting sea breeze and flying sea birds, these islands would be indeed like “an infernal regions”. We are so lucky to have air conditioned boat and well prepared food. What a luxurious treat! When Darwin visited Galapagos, he was only 26 years old. In these primitive lands I still think perhaps only the youngest and strongest can survive and enjoy the fun throughout the trip as you can see through most of the photos and DVD. Half of us, three out of six as you can see from the reunion pictures required a stick/cane for support. Thanks to Angela’s ankle brace, otherwise my wife, Maelin would not be able to finish the rocky journey. Some of us snorkeling in the open sea will understand the intensity of the equatorial sun and the choppy current. The scenery of black submerged larva rocks has equally matched the sight of the land above the seawater. The Sea Turtles and Sea Lions swim so fast and yet near your body as if they tried to intimidate you. How dare are we, the human creature, to invade their territory. Certainly, those a few daring young ones snorkeled in their territory would understand the unpleasant sting by the sea urchin, which prompted them to leave their territory. I do not think anyone will try to contest with the beach master bull sea lion as he fiercely protected his clan, or trying to step over the Iguanas occupied rock for enduring their hissing and sneezing.

Actually, Darwin was very fortunate for there are only limited species of animal and plants through out the Archipelagos. If he has been in Amazon, he would have been lost by the diversity of the different species. There are three different types of cacti when we visited different islands. The lava cactus was the pioneer plant on this virgin volcanic ash land. Their color matches the landscape quite well. Certainly the three different Mangroves also helped to establish their foothold along the seashore for different life to anchor later. They are also quite
remarkable as with their desalination ability. The ubiquitous Scalesia finally brought most bare land into greenish color on most of the old islands on the south west side of the Archipelagos. The three major ocean currents, Humboldt, Cromwell, and El Nino have significant effect on the life on the island. They brought the most needed fresh water – rain for the plants and animals. Despite of years of human expansion, these places are still dominated by those Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas.

At the twenty-first century, human eventually come to realize that the vital importance of the conservation is to maintain a balanced and a sustainable growth on the earth for the survivor of Homo sapiens on the planet. The extensive slaughter of the Tortoises and the intensive cultivation of the land can only worsening the human survivor in the long run. We hope we did not leave any dirty footprint on these islands. We certainly retained many interesting images;
the graceful flying Tropical Birds, the clown like dance by the Blue-footed Booby, the cotton candy like young chick, the Sally Lightfoot Crab just like the cooked dishes ready for your banquet and the male Frigatebirds displaying the scarlet gular to attract female. Their courting image would be the best emblem for the pirate’s flag instead of the human skull. (The rigatebird is also known as ‘man of war’ bird due to its piratical habits.) We sure missed the Olympic opening ceremony. However, somersault by Tu-Nan and the tumbling movement by Thomas was a great performance. There are also many memorable things during this reunion. The manner of always quietly and slowly eating each dish by Hsiaolin would entice you to enjoy your meal on the boat, and Wentien, like the star from the film” Key Largo” was seemingly in deep
thought for figuring his telescope camera to catch the jumping tuna fish and flying birds, so that he would leave his wife Yunyun to contemplate her next journalistic project. Labbish did it again as during my Amazon trip; he departed earlier from our boat to keep “lonesome George” company at Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS). Certainly it would be nice for him to bring his family and Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Nyeu with him so that he could have someone skillfully
to build a dream house for him on Santa Cruz next to CDRS. It surely would be more desirable not to be a lonely fisherman all the time. Again, Thomas was sincerely dipping into his God’s message in the lobby on the boat as he always did in those college days while he was my roommate. The only difference was this time someone preaches to him on the DVD. Vicky and Joe know their place well and always retired early to their cabin in preparation of the next day’s outing. They left the argument to the ghosts of the creationist and the naturalist. Who cares about how big those little birds- Finch’s beak? Those Mocking Birds are still the Mocking Birds when we left Galapagos! Oh, if life is a perpetual memory, let that memory be itself. 人生的旅程 ,不過就是片断的經歷 所累積成在時空中的軌迹罷了。

Hopefully you all have already shed your skin like the Lava Lizard and are now well situated in your destination. (An adaptive radiation so to speak)

Finally, let us hope---- May the black Marine Iguanas guard those islands forever!

Passengers on the Evolution
Biology group—
Chao’s family: Labbish Ning Chao and wife, Lein-Fang Han, son, Don Sister, Mrs. Polly Ching Chao Yau, son, Ryan; daughter, Crystal
Chen’s family: Wen Tien Chen and wife, Yun Yun Yeh Chen
Chien’s family: C.C. Chien and wife, Maelin. Son, Christopher; daughter, Audrey
Chang’s family: Hsiao-lin Chang and husband Tu-nan Chang; Daughter, Angela Chang; Son-in-law, John Austria Angela’s Parents –in-law, Edward and Lorna Austria
Wang’s family: Thomas T.S. Wang and wife. Rebecca Wang
Yang’s family: Vicky Yang and husband Joe Yang
Chemistry group: Lincoln Ting-Ken Nyeu and wife, Tzih Lin Nyeu Sister-in-law, Maria Fong and her son, Daniel Fong
Physics group: Dr. Shiang Fan Liu and wife, Dr. Nai Li Huang Liu
Dr. Russell Keith Bardin and wife, Dr.Tsing Tchao Bardin
Dr. Gee-Kung Chang and wife, Sharon

沈維多(Victor Shen)

Victor Shen

Dear Friends and Families,

With the DOW at 8,000, there is no rest for the weary. It has been such a year that we are sure that there will be stories told over and over. For example, University Washington football team ended with 0 for 12, Sonics left town, Seattle Sea Hawks at 2 and 12 and Seattle Mariner lost 100 games. Joke aside, Victor is not retiring right away.

The year started alright, Victor was pressed into a sales trip in Japan and he actually enjoyed the experience. His local rep could not understand why Victor did not bring his hankies and had to run around and looked for a piece of paper towel. He enjoyed “home style cooking” at various local establishments after long days of hopping from one train to another.

Victor went to a high school reunion in Taiwan in April. This was the first time Victor visited Eastern coast of Taiwan and was totally taken in with the experiences. The highlight was the “green tea, Johnny Walker Green” and “blue tea, Johnny Walker Blue” that everyone at his work is well versed by now. Spending a little with Kay, our adopted sister, and Carton and Jennifer made the trip perfect.

The sad news was that Victor’s eldest brother passed away two weeks after the Shen reunion, a short cruise from New York to St. Johns, Brunswick, Canada arranged by Ivan and Nora. John was the anchor in our second generation. He was always there for us behind the scene. The best example was when Victor talked to one of mourners, he said that John listened and he remembered what you said four years ago when they met each other the first time. During the reunion, we were lucky to spend a week with Ivan and Nora at the height of the Hampton’s summer. We wish we could afford one of “shed” there but it seems we will have to settle for something else, maybe on Jersey Shore.

Sharron did her routine fishing trip to Eastern Washington, with EJ and Marc, in June. The catch was not what Victor hoped for but Sharron thoroughly enjoyed it and that is what counts. We spent a few days in Montreal for a meeting in September. The meal we enjoyed the most was at local French “deli”. We started with having a drink and ended up with plates of cheese, cold cut and nice bread at 1/3 of the price of regular tourist fare.

The turmoil on the Wall Street affected all of us. Ivan’s company, Lehman Brothers, was somehow left in the cold, which caused the cascade of “credit crunch” you are experiencing now. He is temporarily retained by Barclay, a British bank that signed Nora on earlier, and we wish him well.

Sharron is still volunteering at the church. She relates weekly menu to Ivan and two of them can talk on and on. We finally received a check from her oil royalty, $ 60 for 3 year. We probably should elaborate on this. Ten months ago, Gottbreht clan received notice that their dad owned mineral rights in a few production wells (4) in the new Bakken basin. The share of the royalty, after all the partners of her father and other things and 8 children, came to $ 0.0000019 per dollar recovered. Nevertheless, we are sharing the American dream.

Merry X’mas and Happy New Year. Remember, you have only three more years to drop in
Seattle before we retire.

Sharron and Victor, 2008

陳文盛 (Carton Chen)


Our son and daughter are now married. So, that’s it. Right? No, not quite. Grandchildren keep coming. We had our first one this year! Great time in Turkey and Ireland.

My daughter-in-law, Chantal, gave birth to a 7 lb 6oz boy on May 5. He was named 啟惟 and Evan. As time goes by, we realize that he has become known as King Evan (as in the first grandchild in any family).

Jennifer and I went to see Derek, Chantal and Ean in June. Jennifer joked that she felt too yung to be a grandmother. Well, it was about tme for our life really despite how young we feel inside.

旅遊 (Trips to Ireland, Turkey, and Tokyo)

we went to UK (again) in the spring, and spent four days in Ireland. Ireland was nice and pretty, but not as wild and dramatic as our previous Scottish Highland trip. In the summer, we went on a two-week vacation in Turkey — First week with Nora and Leslie in Istanbul and a side trip to Cappadocia. Istanbul of course was majestic, but Cappadocia blew our mind with its fantastic spans of rock formations. The early morning balloon flight over the errain was the highlight. Highly recommended.
The second week we joined a tour group around Turkey. There were exotic and wonderful urprises partly due to our ignorance to Islamic cultures and people.
The Tokyo trip in the Fall was for a UK-Japan Workshop on Actinomycetes, in which I was invited to give a talk. Jennifer and I revisited this huge city after over a decade’s absence, and saw many new changes. The highlight was the Cirque Du Solei show at Disneyland. It was our first time, and it was one of the most memorable experience. We also loved the Sukiyaki dinner at Disneyland (a total surprise).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Nora, Derek, and their families are coming home during the New Year holidays. How wonderful! We will also celebrate Jennifer’s 60th birthday. This time we will take them to Yi-Lan. ‘老’淘氣 is always making plans to take us sightseeing (and eating). You may not know, but Yi-Lan has a most delicious scallion onion (‘Three Stars Onion’) in the world, and it will be just in season. So, we will try a lot of it including 蔥油餅. I am signing off now. I have two grant proposals to write up and submit before the end of the year. It concerns the salaries of all my students and
assistants. So, it is of the highest priority (higher than Mahjong).


東海大學辦學績效卓越亮麗,近來多位校友頻獲榮耀,獲獎連連,全校師生及校友都深感與有榮焉。日前,陳文盛及王存國兩位校友分別榮獲「國家講座及學術獎」之生物及醫農科學、社會科學類之殊榮。本屆國家講座申請件數為30 件,學術獎申請件數為79 件,兩位校友能在眾多優秀學者中脫穎而出,誠屬不易!

教育部將於12 月19 日舉行的「第12 屆國家講座主持人暨第52 屆學術獎得獎人頒獎典禮」中,表揚獲獎得主。教育部為獎勵學術研究,提高教學與研究水準,並促進大學發展其特色,特設置「國家講座及學術獎」,並分置人文及藝術、社會科學、數學及自然科學、生物及醫農科學、工程及應用科學等5 類科,其中人文及社會類科獎額各至多2名;其餘3 類科獎額各至多3 人。國家講座設置期限為3 年,除由學校配合提供該講座主持人所需之資源外,教育部每年獎助100 萬元(包括講座主持人個人獎金及教學研究經費各50 萬元);學術獎得獎人則將獲頒榮譽證書及獎金60 萬元。

此次榮獲第12 屆國家講座主持人-生物及醫農科學類科的陳文盛教授為本校第10 生命科學系校友,德州大學分子生物學博士,並於第6 屆獲生物及醫農科學類主持人,本屆再次獲選,而成為終生榮譽之國家講座主持人。陳校友目前擔任國立陽明大學生命科學系暨基因體科學研究所教授,陳校友從小對文學、藝術及科學都熱愛,最後決定以科學為事業、其他興趣為輔。除對分子生物學、遺傳學的教學研究外,陳校友亦熱中於科學哲學方面的探討,曾開設「現代生物學思潮」之實驗性課程,並出版「線索─一位本土科學家的心路歷程」一書。

文盛 的作品 (左鍵點擊圖片可放大觀賞)

耿中平 (Peter Chung-ping Keng)


Picture taken in November, 2008

Greetings from the Keng’s family! We hope our greetings find you all well, happy and healthy.

Dear Classmates,

This year was quite eventful for us. Both Suzan and Peter retired from their jobs. Suzan lost her job from Carestream (a company which acquired Kodak’s most profitable Medical and Health Image department) after 1 year working there, so she retired completely, and busies herself in daily workout in YMCA group lessons, swimming, Taichi, ballroom dancing, plus several choir groups. Peter retired as Professor Emeritus from University of Rochester, but still works part-time. He loves to work, and enjoys the stress-free job situation. Peter enjoys the ballroom dancing class too. We got a new dog from Suzan’s church friend, a 5 years old black lab, Suzan’s dream dog, and are trying with her to cope with this big change in her/our lives.

After the retirement, Suzan and Peter have traveled to Las Vegas, Utah, and Arizona in
September, and joined a 16 days river cruise on Rhine and Danube in October. Both trips are very enjoyable thus the idea of retirement surely is a great one.

Our son Michael is in Salt Lake City working for ACS company as a business manager. He is doing well with all a young man can hope for, and takes good care of his body with a lot of workout and sports, and still waiting for the right girl to appear in his life.

Our daughter Jennifer is in Washington D.C., still working for the government’s Census Bureau. She got her master degree in Statistics last May, and met a wonderful young man Matt. They were engaged in November, and are planning to get married on May 23, 2009.

Our youngest daughter Melinda is in her last year of college in Salt Lake City, majoring in finance. She almost got married in 2008, but the timing didn’t work out right for Melinda and Chase, so that didn’t happen. Now they are still going together, but they are more careful in planning now so there is no immediate decision. Melinda is working several jobs, and it seems she will have a good job offer next year when she graduates.

We are truly blessed greatly in this very eventful year, we thank our Heavenly Father for all the joyful things in our lives – our friends, our children, our health, this country, our church, and our Savior Jesus Christ. We hope the spirit of Christmas brings great joy and peace to your home and family.


Peter and Suzan


陳瑾華 Jean Lee (Jin-hua Chen) December 6, 2008

Back row: Steven, Marcus
Front row: Laura, Michelle (holding Trevor), Conway (h/Eva), T.Y., Jean (h/Brandon), Jennifer (h/Ethan), Laura’s dad

Dear Biology 10 classmates,

It was exactly 40 years ago that we graduated from Tunghai. I felt that I have somewhat achieved the status of “antique” when I told people about this milestone! It was also the year of 1968 that I came to the US for graduate studies and stayed for the next four decades. It is amazing to note that I have spent 2/3 of my life here and only 1/3 in Taiwan. My heart is full of gratitude to God for my loving family (3 children, their spouses, 4 grandchildren and counting…) and for His provision of material needs (from 2 suitcases to what we have now). But you, my friends, will forever be an important part of my life!

After a few years of declining health, my father left us to be with his beloved heavenly Father.
My parents came to the US to live (first near us and then with us) 20 years ago and left a major impact to us. When I pass the empty bedroom he occupied, I still miss him profoundly.

After my father’s departure, T.Y. and I were able to visit our daughter, Jennifer, and her husband Marcus who are serving as missionaries in Burkina Faso in West Africa. Marcus is involved with the IV/AIDS work and Jennifer in children/youth ministry. Burkina is the 3rd poorest country in the world they both have suffered from diseases (malaria, giardia, shingles, etc.), but they are still joyous ecause of clear vision and God’s calling. Our visit was unforgettable because we have never been to frica and witnessed firsthand the poverty and tremendous lack of resources there. It is unthinkable toknow that children are still dying of malaria simply because people can’t afford to buy the medicines. There is a lot of money contributed by other countries, but the corrupted government took most of it.BTW, Burkina Faso still has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Jennifer is expecting their 1st baby next.February. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing to their work there.

Our oldest son, Conway, and his wife Michelle purchased a house in Millburn and moved there with their 2 children, Trevor (3 1/2) and Eva (2). He still works for the NYSE as an attorney. They are expecting their 3rd baby next February. Steven, our 2nd son, and Laura also bought a house in Livingston and live there with their 2 children, Brandon (2) and Ethan (6 mo.). He works for the French investment company, Societie Generale, in NYC and is feeling the pressure from the economic downturn.

T.Y. and I are busy with caring for our grandchildren…we dedicated 2 days each week as
“grandparents’ day”. It is a blessing that we can enjoy our grandchildren, really. We continue to be very involved with our church particularly in caring ministry. We are at least “older” if not “wiser”. There are so any families experiencing difficulties in marriages, family relationships, emotional problems and illnesses; e want to help and bring some hope and love to them.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009 !!!


趙寧 (Ning Chao)

趙寧(Ning Chao) ,韓蓮芳,趙忠豪(Ning,Lein, Don Chao


毕业四十年真还是同老友好玩。先祝文盛获国家奖,也向在台湾本土贡献的老友们致敬。我真想早退休,到台湾当教研义工。伽拉帕戈斯龟岛的同学会真是痛快,也算是对演化论(发表150 年
了)源头的朝圣之旅。1964 年,生十的姑娘及小伙子也都演化了,花甲美女,老汉们上山下海不减当年第一次日月潭郊游的热情。不同的是晚上已无体力畅谈到深夜。老友们希望把生十同学会间隔缩短为2-3 年一次是有天理。阿张多辛苦啦!
2008 是我的长途飞行年,Ab Dahbi, 印度两趟,英国三回(20 多年未去),南美,巴西国内,加上亚马逊及巴尔的摩来回通勤,竟有3 家Frequent Flyer 上了金银卡。我对经济舱的大餐可真吃怕了,订糖尿病的特别餐,也都是无味道的鸡胸肉,每次带多种水果上路,但到达前又必需啃光,自然响屁就多,我推说是青蛙叫,笑死旁人。
在亚马逊搞了20 年的环保,脱贫及可长期维续的观赏渔业,“观赏鱼计划"(Project Piaba),最难应付的还是人,环保运动的教条强调要当地人参与决策,我的感觉是多数亚马逊乡下人认为政府或义工“欠"他们,老是“你有钱,我没钱"的心态,伸手要东西。争取合作要以礼品或抽奖来推动,一到选举更是腐化,土著主动性不高,有奶便是娘,不然就求上帝。我也累了,已开始一步步交给带出的学生在本乡推动。多年来独立的学究结果对政策的决定也没多少影响。还是回到象牙塔,少搞为“穷棒子"争权益项目为妙。不“干革命"了!
可喜的是今年获得台湾林业局“国际环保基金"对我领头的全球“石首魚"紅皮書(IUCN Sciaenidae Red list Authority)项目的启动资助-在亚洲找专家合作。机票有着落,就准备明年3-6 月休假到亚洲学鱼及参加会议,也去台湾,大陆游说我的全球石首鱼(黄鱼类croakers)研究计划。真是不要知道“老已致",还在胡思乱想到处讨grants, 自然被拒的也多,再接再厉,我的哲学是不
试就无机会,脸皮厚又不花钱。莲芳这几年学会了游泳练身,能同我一起下水潜浮看鱼,爬(走)山4 千米高也行。虽然晚了30 年,我们终于可以一起打野外了。她最近也参加了东海15 届在赌城的同学会,她怕听甜蜜的谎言,“哎呀!你没变!",全都演化啦!目前经济衰退,我的私房股票蒸发,莲芳庆幸为联邦公务员,无炒鱿鱼之虑。忠豪还是专心修课要当演员,老友们在龟岛时说他比老子年青时帅,这本来就不难,再加上莲芳的基因。谢谢。
2009 年的展望,除了游学外,集中精力把南美淡水银花鱼人工繁殖搞成,我们就在原产地亚马逊河岸用网箱围养,居然养了一年,也是一创举。我们也设计了一可浮动又有机动性的小网箱给乡
过3 年退休(巴西是终身奉制,还可传给老婆)看来会以美国为家,有机会到台湾回馈或long stay (马英九式),大陆虽是老家及同胞,但感觉太疏离,与学术界同行的思路也太不一样,去玩玩,有特殊项目小混一下还敢。真要能在美国“就地生根"对我们这一代可能还是大挑战,莲芳说儿子在那就在那退休,还是做妈的务实。

赵宁2008 11 月30 于亚马逊。

2008年12月27日 星期六

A Greeting Picture from Us

We wish you a happy New Year!

(chem.engineering Major Mr. & Mrs. Lin Li Zen,

Architecture Major Mr. & Mrs. Hu Teh Lin and Mr. & Mrs. Yang Liang Yuan)

at Gilroy,California on 12-27-08)

2008年12月10日 星期三


十屆生物系張筱琳提供2008 Reunion的照片,請點擊 這裡 觀賞。

2008年12月2日 星期二


胡愈 張平生

李志翔 孫寶黎

梁伯陵 楊良淵

2008年12月1日 星期一

林德成(Tuck Sing Lim)

My second son's wedding ceremony ( 14 - Dec -2004)

With my grandson Kyle Lim 4 month old ( 2006 Feb Chinese New Year)